Special Groovy support:
* dynamic property
* a builder for

Groovy Integration

Templates are dynamized in Groovy. That means names, declared in the template can be accessed as properties:

def t = getTemplate() t.title = title def region = t.region region.name = "The thing" region.name2 = "you know" region.render()

As it's still necessary to render regions once all values are assigned, it can still be attractive to use the normal form for setting the values:

def t = getTemplate() t.title = title def region = t.region.set("name", "The thing").set("name2", "you know").render()

getAt is also supported: t["region-name"].render()


The TemplateBuilder takes this one step further:

def t = new TemplateBuilder(getTemplate()) t.title = title t.region { name = "The thing" name2 = "you know" } // or t.region(name: "The thing", name2: "you know")

As the closures make clear, when all values are set, calling render is not necessary. (Not even possible, as the TemplateBuilder use a different interface.)

In order to include another template it's not necessary to wrap it into a TemplateBuilder:

def t = new TemplateBuilder(getTemplate()) t.targetName(getOtherTemplate().region) { name = "The thing" name2 = "you know" }

So the TemplateBuilder does provide a number of nice features it's still kind of limited. If you have any ideas here, I'm happy to review push requests on GitLab

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